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Today i’m doing a notion cash review so if you’ve been wondering whether it’s really something that you can use to make money online then you’ve come to the right review i’ll actually be giving you like a lot of shocking information about Notion cash that nobody else is going to tell you so stick around so you can find out whether it is something that you want or not

Notion Cash claims that it can help you make $30 doing simple tasks online. The said site claims to be a “one of a kind Social Earning Network”, and says you can earn easy money referring others and completing simple tasks.

Honestly, there are a lot of things about Notion cash program that you really need to know first before joining!

Let’s start.

Notion Cash Review

Company Name: Notion Cash

Website URL: Notion Cash.com

Owner: Unknown

Launched in: April.2019

Price: Free

Recommended: NO

Is Notion Cash – Scam or Legit Money Maker ..?

Notion cash
Notion cash

Notion Cash is a program that claims it can help you make good money doing simple tasks online.

They also claim you can earn $15 per person that joins their network through your referral link. It appears as though you’re earning money just by sharing your referral link, but when it comes time to cash out, you get nothing.

I can not recommend this program because it has many major red flags that, in my opinion, makes it a risky platform to join.

Although you may not be losing money because joining is free, you might be wasting your time and be disappointed in the long run, especially if you discover that they cannot deliver as per claim and the results that you’re looking for, which, in my opinion, is very likely.

Also, they are using fake testimonials on their site, which is an underhanded marketing tactic to lure you closer into their program and is definitely a deal breaker for me.

Therefore, I urge you to find other great opportunities online that can truly help you create a sustainable income online.

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What is Notion Cash and what does it offer?

notion cash
notion cash

Notion Cash is an online website, where you can earn Big money by completing surveys and sharing your affiliate link to different social media platforms.

Notion Cash is giving you $50 to complete a simple task, plus $25 just for joining their program and if your friend joins you as your referral link you will get an additional $15 per sign up, how cool is that?

They will also tell you that you can easily earn $10 in 3 minutes and if you can work for at least 1 hour per day, then that would be $200 per hour.

In my opinion, their claim that you can easily make $200 per hour just by doing simple tasks is unrealistic, because that is NOT how online marketing works – and it sounded more like a get-rich-quick scheme, which is NOT

How Notion Cash Works?

Notion Cash offers you surveys to complete, and as a reward, you get $50 per completed task.  You can also share your referral link on social media platforms and if someone joins Notion Cash through your affiliate link you get $15 additionally.

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Notion cash are building a massive ‘sucker list’ complete with names, emails, phone numbers and even physical addresses. Which they will use to sell in huge price . And sell this to other unethical marketers, who do the same.

That’s the game behind the scene , and this is what’s really going on here.

The ‘clever’ part of this scheme is that the site is using unsuspecting people (like you) to viral their links all over social media. So that more and more people join their platform .

You think you’re earning money by sharing the link, when in reality you’re spreading this scam further, and earning zero dollars in the process

Top Red Flags Of Notion Cash

1.Hyped And Unrealistic Claims

All the testimonials of the Notion Cash claiming hyped and unrealistic claims of earning thousands of dollars within a short period.  Some even claim to earn $30,000 in 2 months.

What is the truth behind these testimonials, I will reveal in a minute!

2.Fake Testimonials

On Notion cash website, you’ll see various testimonials from people who claim to be earning thousand of dollars of money with Notion Cash. For example this guy, who claims he’s making easy money using the site


The guy above who says that he has earned thousands of dollars from Notion Cash, is a Fiverr actor and make video testimonials for such products.


Here’s proof that (like all the others) both are really just an actor from a site called Fiverr.com

3. Unknown Owner

As all of the crap and low-quality products, Notion Cash also does not give you any idea about who is the owner of the program . One of the major things that I look for in a program is the identity of its owner, but with Notion Cash – you can’t find any reference of who the real creator of this program is.

In fat, they don’t even share the photo of the owner or any contact details that you can use to verify who are the people behind this program.  They only want you to invite more people in this program through your affiliate link so that these people earn money doing surveys and tasks, and Notion Cash and grab the personal details of the innocent people like you.

So, there’s no way for you to contact the owners in case you encountered some problems with their program. There is, however, a contact option on their site and they actually even display an exact address.

when I did some research about this address, it turns out it is an address where you can rent a virtual office address so it is not really the physical location of the company.


In my opinion, if they are really confident about their program, then they wouldn’t hide the true identity of their CEO, and they will even show the track record of the owner of this program.

4. fabricated Income proof

Notion cash are not just using fake testimonials on their sales page, but they are also using fabricated fake income proofs, which is quite unethical and doubt their authenticity .

How do I know?

One of the payment proofs that they are using on their site can also be found on a program called ViralBucks.co


This only means that the person who created the ViralBucks.co program might also be the owner of Notion Cash, in my opinion.

Just think about it, if they are willing to use both fake testimonials and fake income proofs on their site, will they be able to provide the results you’re looking for?

In my opinion, this is another major red flag to think about before you decide to sign up to this program because it will give you a glimpse of what to expect from this program once you become a member of it

5. Complaints All Over The Internet!

As I said earlier, the program is old and every time it launched with a new website name and URL. It was launched last year with the name of mypoins.com and you will find many complaints against this product over internet and if you read the complaints, you will come to know their modus oprendi

review on youtube about  notion cash
review on youtube about notion cash
my point review
my point review
my point review
my point review
my point review
my point review

A good review is most valuable part of any business which create product authenticity , but you will find complaints about this product all over the Internet.

I have reviewed similar various products before like kids earn money   These products are nothing but a waste of your time.

What is the truth behind these testimonials, I will reveal in a minute!

6. Old SCAM With A New Name And Domain

This program is nothing but a same copy of a very famous scam kids Earn Cash, which doubt the authenticity of Notion cash

It is also related to some more programs with a dubious record like mypoints.com and kid influencer club.  You will find all these sites mentioned on the official privacy policy page of  the website .


Yes it is , Notion Cash is a scam as per my opinion.

The site seems to be a “social influencer club” where you earn by referring others and completing simple tasks. But the reality is, nobody EVER gets paid .

The people behind this site are collecting as much personal information as possible, so they can profit by sharing/ selling it to other scammers like a Data miner .

This results in tons of SPAM and in some cases can be dangerous. Because you never know who has all of that information and how they will use it.

In any case, this is not a legitimate and authentic way to earn money.

After a while people tend to figure this out, once they try to withdraw their money, and nothing happens.

It wouldn’t surprise me if (like all the others) this site goes under in a few months time. As soon as one of these scams is exposed and shut down, a new version takes its place.

What you decide to do is up to you, but I won’t be recommending this.

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