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Facebook has grown rapidly into one of the epicenter of the internet where Knowledge , idea are shared with others community. Facebook is one of the largest social media platform in the worldwide. We can post anything on this platform under the facebook standards, but how to make facebook post shareable ?. It is a very easy process to do. You can follow the steps below.

You’ve come across a problem of Facebook post that you want to share, but there’s no share button like there usually is. There are many potential reasons why a share button might not be available on your Facebook posts or those of other people. Most potential causes can be fixed either by you or the other person who want to share your post . This tutorial will teach you to do just that for both Desktop and Mobile User

Make Facebook Posts Shareable

For Desktop User

I have seen various people on Facebook asking that why they are unable to share a post or image on someone else’s profile. Others have asked me, and someone specifically asked me about it this morning. So, I thought it would be a good topic for today’s tip. i will discuss it comprehensive with you along with images .

The Right answer is the privacy settings on the person’s profile is set to “friends,” or restricted in some other way. If you want someone to share your post or image, the privacy setting must be set to Public. This isn’t an issue on Facebook pages because the default setting is public. 

To change your default privacy settings, simply go to “settings,” then “Privacy” and you can change them there as per your requremetn.

make a Facebook post Shareable facebook privacy setting

On our profiles, however, we have the fully control to choose who we want to see what we post. The default privacy setting on my personal profile is set to Public, this means anybody can see my and share my post and images . Sometime I also change it to exclude a specific list of friends. Those on the list have absolutely no interest in my business, so I exclude them from almost all of my business posts. It’s what works for me.

If you want others to be able to share your posts, here are two options for you.

  1. Change your default privacy setting to public (I do NOT recommend this if you post photos or images of family, or any other info you don’t want the world to see or know.)
  2. When you post something manually on Facebook, change the privacy setting for that particular post to public when you create the post. NOTE: Facebook will remember your last setting, so if you change it to public, make sure you change it back for your next post!
make a Facebook post Shareable
Make an Older Post More Shareable for Desktop user

Changing your privacy settings of old post to public will now allow people to share your posts on their own profiles. Posts that are made on Facebook Pages have a default privacy setting as Public. This means that anyone can view it and share it. But this isn’t the case on personal Facebook profiles. Your privacy setting may be set to friends or custom in which case your friends won’t be able to share it. The more your post is shared, the more people will view it, thus there will be greater interaction. There are, fortunately, a few ways that you can change your privacy settings for your post.this will help to make a Facebook post Shareable . You can change it to either ‘Friends of Friends’ or ‘Public’ so that your friends can share it on their own profiles and let more people view your post.

1.Go to your profile and scroll down to the post that you want to make public.

2. Click the Earth Symbol for direct access to privacy setting and change as per your requirement . Select Public option if you want some to share your older post .

make a Facebook post Shareable 1

3.Click on three dots ‘’ on the top right corner of it and go to the edit post as highlighted in picture and you can have access to change your privacy setting .

make a Facebook post Shareable 2
make a Facebook post Shareable 3

For Mobile User

First, you have to login to your Facebook account. Then click on the create post and type or upload anything you want to share. Make sure your post under Facebook community standards otherwise Facebook would disable your account

Just follow these steps as below : –

1. Open your Facebook app.

facebook app make a Facebook post Shareable

2. At the top of your News Feed, you will see “What’s On Your Mind”. Tap it to make a new post.

make a Facebook post Shareable 4

3.Tap the grey triangle icon next to “Public”.

make a Facebook post Shareable

4. Select “Public” to make Facebook posts shareable.

make a Facebook post Shareable
Make an Older Post More Shareable for Mobile user

If you want to make a any old post shareable, after locating the post on your wall , select the three dot (•••) on the right side of the post and choose “Edit Post.” Select edit privacy option and choose “Public” on the new page. This method allow to make a Facebook post Shareable

privacy settingn

Tap on Edit Privacy

 Facebook post Shareable 7

Tap “Public” to make your post public.

make a Facebook post

How to make Facebook Page Posts Shareable

Facebook Pages are totally public and can be checked out by anybody even if they have actually not suched as the Web page. This suggests that the Page’s articles are likewise public and can be shared by anybody. You can share a post from a Facebook web page by clicking or tapping “Share” icon beneath the message and afterwards inputting in a message to come with the shared article if you want. Tap or click “Share Now” to share that message with your Facebook close friends.

How to make Facebook Groups Post Shareable

Facebook groups can be both public or exclusive, and also this influences whether Facebook messages from the group are shareable. Public Facebook Platform are completely open to everybody on Facebook, even those who are not members. You can share Facebook posts from public teams by clicking or tapping “Share” listed below the message. If the Facebook Group is private, you can only share blog posts from the group with fellow participants of that group.

Why Can’t People Share My Facebook Posts?

Because you were not set your privacy settings to public to make your Post shareable you must set your privacy setting to Public . If you set your privacy setting to friends, your post will only visible to your friends and only they will able to share your post. So if people cannot share your post, edit privacy settings to public.

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