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What is email scraping?

 Email scraping is a simple process of extracting email addresses online to cater them later. For instance when you scrape a source for email addresses,   what your next action would be to target those emails addresses and convert them into a sales lead.email scraping tools help to extract the various type of email .

Email scraping tools can be helpful with:-

1. Targeting ideal prospects much quicker.

2. Helps to sell better to leads.

3. Captures lead attention by offering alternatives much better than the solution they are incorporating.

Top 8 best email scraping tools for sales prospecting in 2020 :-

1. Zoominfo

email scraping tools
email scraping tools

ZoomInfo is full-featured email scraping software , an American subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) company based in Waltham, Massachusetts that sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to sales , and recruiting professionals.

2. Skyrapp.io

email scraping tools
email scraping tools

A email scraping tool that helps to retrieve B2B emails and helps to connect with those leads to strengthen your lead activities much better. Skyrapp understands how important your business is which is exactly why they ensure that you receive only verified B2B emails.Skyrapp conducts such an activity from any source be it Linkedin, a particular company website and more . You can purchase one-time leads along With a Chrome extension that integrates directly with Linkedin, your profile suddenly becomes far more useful. Adding a button to any given Linkedin profile, you can click it to find out what the person’s business email address is.

3. Octoparse

email scraping tools
email scraping tools

It is a Free, Simple, and very easy Web Scraping Tool which Automate Data Extraction from websites within clicks without coding. Octoparse is a robust website crawler for extracting almost various kinds of data you need .

4. Rocket reach

It is a simple web-based tool which provide platform to users to find email addresses, phone number, social links for over 300 million professionals, across 5 million companies, worldwide .  RocketReach have a tools which look for email addresses from a company’s domain or specific peoples’ emails.

5 .Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert was elected the most accurate email finding tool in 2018 according to Ahrefs. Norbert also offers a free chrome extension and 50 lookups to test the tool out. With 1000 contacts starting at $49/month, Norbert’s accuracy makes it one of the best tools to start learning how to scrape emails.

6. Scrapebox email scraper

Scrapebox is one of the best simple tools to scrape and collect data from search engines, like Google, Bing.It works on the way that you have to Specify the Keyword first, like “apples” and then click “Scrape” – it will give you all results from search engines for that query asap. Further, you can check “Alexa” Rank checker plugin to be able to verify how popular the websites are. To use Scrapebox you need to have Private Proxies because otherwise your Computer IP address will get banned quickly.

7. Email extractor

Email Extractor is a simple tool that will help you find out email addresses hidden in a content . Once you click on Extract Email button, it will extract all the email addresses from the content. Any duplicate address will be ignored by email extractor , so in final result, you will get a unique list of emails.you can fine a good email extractor here


AeroLeads give you search engine results and social media results as per on your query and you can find contact details of those results. You can either choose those results which suits you, pull the contacts and transfer them to your account or do it for all. It provide bulk search option where you can put upto 10 phrases. Based on URLs , you can find the contact details for all of them. AeroLeads is perfect if you have a list of businesses ready whose contact details you want to find.You can transfer the contacts which you found to mailchimp, hubspot and salesforce.

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