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What is an ebook?

Ebook is an electronic book which one can publish in electronic form, such that you can access through electronic devices. An e-book can be of various genres depending on what you want to write. After writing your ebook you can sell it in various platforms. Here are the best websites where you can easily sell your ebooks by self-publishing e-books.

10 best sites where you can sell ebooks

1. Kindle

self-publishing e-books
self-publishing e-books

Publishing eBooks is free with Kindle Direct Publishing, and reach millions of readers on Amazon .You can publish your  ebooks on Kindle and sell. It depends on you whether you want to sell it for free of charge for it. After finishing upload  it only  takes very than 20 minutes and your  ebook will be appears on all Kindle stores worldwide within 24 to 48 hours. You can Earn money  up to 70% royalty on your  sales to customers in the United State , Canada, UK, Germany, India, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and more. Enroll in KDP Select and earn even more money through Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Owners programme  Lending Library. You can set your own Price list and Make changes to your books at any time.

2. Payhip

self-publishing e-books

This platform is also best way to sell ebook , digital downloads and membership. It offers a free and easy way to sell your e-books . You Should have a PayPal account and of course, your e-books. You have to visit to the Payhip.com Web site and sign up for an account. You have to Enter your PayPal information. This step is optional .  Click on the Add new ebook button so you can start adding/Publishing your ebook and other digital content to the site.You will have to set a price for you ebook.

3. Blurb

self-publishing e-books
self-publishing e-books

On blurb you are provided with some varieties. Here you can get photo books, trade books, magazines and eBooks. . You can also make your book on blurb. So what Blurb has done is make the process of making books very simple, let’s start by looking at the sort of books you can make here.Certainly you can make photo books, which is what you can now do in a lot of different places, you can do this through apple, you can this through these loads of companies now who have made the margin in this business vanish, so photo books certainly you can do.But the part I am interested in that is unusual about blurb are the trade books, these are the kinds of books you find in book store,these are pocket size books, trade page backs,hard covers, as well in the world of publishing your own book and this is where in think blurb really come its own.So let say for a seconds I want to create a ebook book, maybe one of my books .Here you can start selling your ebook on Blurb

4. Lulu

self-publishing e-books
self-publishing e-books

There are various options on this website. You get an option to create your ebook too. Already created ebook needs to be uploaded. First you will have to apply for ISBN no., the next step would be to format the manuscript, after that you will have to set a price and then finally publish your ebook. Here you can start selling your ebook on Lulu

Sign up for Lulu to start selling

5. Tradebit

self-publishing e-books

You can publish you ebook on this website too. First of all you will have to create your account. You need to write a title of your book, a discription, a cover page and pdf. Cover page can also be created on tradebit. Then you can easily publish your ebook. Here you can start selling your ebook on Tradebit.com

6. Kobo

self-publishing e-books

You will have to create am account and publish your ebook. There are millions of readers on kobo. Your ebook gets automatically promoted here for free. You need good quality reviews for good sale of your book. You should focus on the quality of your work. There are many categories of books provided in the website.

7. Barnes & Noble press

 Barnes & Noble press
self-publishing e-books

This platform is not free. You will have to pay about 65% royalty per eBook. You also get an option to print book. Prices also depends on the sizes of the book. Here you can start selling your ebook on Barnes & Noble press

self-publishing e-books

8. PayLoadz

self-publishing e-books

PayLoadz offers a complete digital goods ecommerce service for anyone to sell download goods online in just s few minutes. PayLoadz is a good website but it is little costly. You will have to pay $19.95 per month.

9. Smashwords

self-publishing e-books

They have provided you the process on how to sell your book on their website. Free books are also provided on this website. Nearly 5 lakh books are paid and 80,000 books free of cost. Here you can start selling your ebook on Smashwords

10. Scribd

self-publishing e-books

It’s a paid platform with a 30 days free trial. This is a very professional platform. You can reach 90 million readers on this platform. Chances are high of a good sale. Here you can start selling your ebook on Scribd

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