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You can procure a Genuine measure of Money from your YouTube Videos . You can utilize Adsense to earn substantial sums of money on YouTube Videos. AdSense will put and furnish content and picture promotions on your videos . At the point when these promotions are clicked you will earn money. To earn money , you have to link YouTube account to AdSense

Stage 1: Enabling Monetization of Account

Stage 2: Connecting AdSense

Enabling Monetization of Account

You need to Sign in to your YouTube account.

Go to YouTube Settings.

Click the “View additional features” link that is available under the Overview menu of the settings page. This displays all the available features for your YouTube account. You have to Find “Monetization.” Click on the “Enable monetization” link there. You will be directed to Monetization page in your Channel Settings.

You have Enable your account by clicking the “Enable My Account” button to earn money from your videos.

The YouTube Accomplice Program Terms and Conditions will be shown. Tick on the check boxes to concur their terms at that point click the “I acknowledge” button. You should hold up until you get an affirmation email that tells whether your solicitation is endorsed or not. It should take under 24 hours.

Connecting AdSense

When you link YouTube account to AdSense and get approved , go back to the Account Monetization page . You will have the option to see your account status from here.

You will see a section as “Guidelines and Information”. Click “How will I get paid?” question to see the answer. On the answer text, there will be a link as “Associate an AdSense account” click on that and then click “Next”.

The following page you will be approached to pick the Google account which needs you to associate with Adsense.

The next page you have to explain about the content type that will available in your videos. Verify your YouTube channel link and that your content language and click the “Continue” button.

The Adsense application form is accessible on the next page. Fill the fields with required data. Snap the “Submit my application” button.

When your application is affirmed by Adsense you will get an email usually with in 24 hours. From that point onward, your account is connected to Adsense. Now, you can start creating good content videos to make money from Google Adsense.
Now you are ready to start earning money on your Youtube videos.

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