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So how much money can you actually make on YouTube you know we’ve probably all heard the stories of famous millionaire youtubers but can YouTube actually be practical for a wider group of people no matter where you live in the world . Lets start to guide Earn Money on YouTube.

So how much money you can actually make on YouTube, you know we’ve all all heard the stories of successful millionaire youtubers, but YouTube can actually be realistic for a wider group of people anywhere you live in the world.

So it happened to me recently that the general public has no precise idea of how much youtubers make out of the advertisements on their videos how much you think a video gets a million views of how much you think it receives. How much money will you look at your Adsense which often hits a million views in a video? How much would probably Earn Money on YouTube it like three thousand dollars do you think.

I asked everyone on Instagram how much they think a million views earns on YouTube and the answers were really all over the map we’ve got a lot of people saying a thousand dollars some people say two hundred dollars , three hundred thousand five thousand really look at these you guys it’s all over the map from a hundred dollars so the thirty thousand dollars people seem to have no clue how much youtubers make and today I’m gonna expose exactly how much a million views can make you from a YouTube video .

  • There are many ways to make money including video ads, sponsorships and crowdsourcing and affiliate marketing .
  • It is complicated to estimate exactly how much money anyone will make.
  • It heavily depends on many of factors including CPM(cost per milli), CPC(Cost per click), CTC(Click Through Rate), Watch Time, Views, User retention, traffic source, traffic region and video category.
  • Rule of thumb is $2 to $4 per thousand views from adsense connected to your youtube channel .
  • New channels usually takes about 1 years of regular video posting to earn serious income.

You can make….

  • $1 – $6 from 1000 views from YouTube Ads Shown by Google AdSense depending on video length, minutes watched, country, etc.
  • $10-$30 from 1000 views from sponsorships
  • $10 (or more) from 1,000 views from affiliate marketing sales
  • Many more from selling or advertising your own stuff

Case Study

If You have 50,000 subscribers and you release 2 videos per week. If You average 20,000 views per video and you have a total of 200 videos. Here’s what to we can expect:

If You will make 80000 views + another 100000 views per month from the other 200 videos. Let’s approximate that to 200,000 views. According to terms of YouTube Ads, that’s equivalent to around $500 maybe more, maybe less.

If You will get 2 sponsorship for 2 different videos – $20/1000 views x 20,000 views/video x 2 videos = $800

If You include affiliate links to a few products (your camera gear, a product that you reviewed, etc.). Let’s say that just 50,000 people saw your affiliate Product links. That would be equal to another $500 in affiliate sales.

If you launch your own product (it could be a mug, a T-Shirt, a hoodie, an eBook, a physical book, a course, etc.). Let’s say that if you earn $10 (profit) for 1 sale and let’s say that 100,000 people (views) saw your product. You would sell approximate 500 units, so that’s another $5,000.

Grand total = $500 from Ads + $500 from sponsorships + $500 from affiliate product sales + $5,000 from your product = $6,500

Just a quick note:

Selling your own Product represents nearly 80% of your revenue.

Money from YouTube Ads represents 7.6% of how much you can actually make on YouTube.

If you do the right marketing, you can make a lot of Serious money with YouTube.

Now, imagine if you have 500,000 or 5M subscribers. It would make you a millionaire. In fact, many YouTubers with over 2M subscribers are almost millionaires.

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